I know I have a Destiny in Him

I am a 67 yr old and my Lumosity scores are declining instead of getting better.  I am married to a wonderful man who suffers severe leg pain everyday and must keep working 30 more work days.  I take care of my 87 yr old mother with dementia and my 65 yr old brother who is on disability for stuff and my youngest 39 yr old son is home also.  I am fighting fear because of my brain and I also suffer from a list of things causing ringing in my ears and pain through out my body, especially my middle back and rib cage.  I have a partial healing by Jesus in that I can sleep from 12 midnight to about 7 or 8 most nights in spite of a progesterone definciency.  I have been healed several times before and I understand that Jesus already paid for my healing along with my salvation.  I have been involved in ministry ever since being born again 42 yrs ago and am gifted by Him to be able to lead others to Christ, which is my joy to do and I know I have a destiny here on earth before we get to go home.  I know how to persevere thru trials in Him.

My husband is retiring to work in our side business the end of this Oct. and we are in the process of selling my mothers home and our home and purchasing 5 acres in the country with plans to build a larger shop and a smaller house (having trouble keeping up) for the purpose of Permaculture, aquaponics and animal Farming, and to have all alternative energy and lower property taxes, which we hope to help provide for the poor in our community and educate other in our little valley to do the same for the coming economic hardships, which I call the confiscation of our money by inflation.

Please pray for my healing to be manifest in my body and healing for my husby too and for all our plans.  We would like to be set free from this pain to serve Him more effectively.

Thank you so much for your testimony about your daughter in the tree, was so inspirational to me.  Thank God he is still on the Throne and we can count on Him!!