Mrs. Claire kusiak

Our fourth son Mark was born with autism and is mentally challenged as well. He started having petit mal seizures right from birth, but with medication the seizures were controlled very well. However, when he became eighteen the seizures changed to severe grand mals which were frightening to say the least. They went on for years, never really controlled on many different meds. At twenty-four things really became difficult. In a four month period, my husband lost his job, my Dad passed away and we lost our home and all our belonging in a fire and had to leave our home and live in a hotel for two weeks and then rent a home for the next ten months while it was being rebuilt. During this time, Marks seizures started occurring three times a week. He missed his home and his Snoopy room and was just so upset that the seizures became more and more severe. This went on for months and the whole situation was more that  we could bear. On May 10,  he had what was the worst seizure so far, he slowly came out of it and immediately went into another worse than the first. This  was  all  I, as his Mom could take. After getting Mark settled in, I fell to my knees once again, crying to Jesus to please, please heal him. I knew He could, I told him when He walked the earth I am sure Mothers would ask Him to heal their children of these terrible seizures all the time and I am sure He did. I don’t know how I feel about this now, but I was desperate for my son, so  I said to Jesus “please heal him now, or take us both home, we couldn’t take anymore, and at the time I meant it with all my heart. Jesus, in His infinite mercy heard this daughters cry and to this day  Mark has remained seizure free. Now during these times we did go to a new very good doctor who changed his meds, but we know who was responsible for that too. Will he stay seizure free all the time, I don’t know that for sure, but I wouldn’t doubt it. We are just so very thankful for what He has done for Mark these last four years, and we praise Him daily for His loving care and finite kindness.